The Beauty Gap Is Closing: 7 Reasons Why

Ultrasound technology that stimulates the production of collagen and results in tighter skin has become increasingly popular among working men. Too busy for the down time that traditional face-lifts require, these ‘in and out’ procedures appeal to men who want to appear refreshed and healthier or have others to believe their good looks come naturally. 7. All for One, One for All: No longer are cosmetic procedures for the rich and famous or aging woman only.
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‘Beauty and the Beast’ recap: A bloody and beastly ‘Reunion’

It’s not likely to end well. Catherine finds this out very clearly in the “Beauty and the Beast” episode, “Reunion.” How could it have turned out well when she was being pursued by not one but two beasts? Cat isn’t good at parties Poor Catherine Chandler might want to just avoid all social engagements that don’t consist solely of someone leaping in through her window. Those are the only ones that seem to really work out for her.
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VIDI Beauty And Skincare Offers Vitamin C 20% Anti Aging Serum

The increased focus on sun tanning beds, and a year round Kim Khardashian style sun tanned look as a fashion accessory has had an impact in that there is increased premature skin aging. A representative of VIDI Beauty and Skincare also noted that its first product offer the Vitamin C Serum 20 which has been recently made available in the market will become a trusted solution that men and women to premature skin aging. A VIDI representative Jessica stated, “The VIDI Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum is different to other anti aging products on the market with Vitamin C in that it combines Vitamin C with Vitamin E and also Glycolic Acids for more in depth skin anti aging treatment. Glycolic Acids are most noted for their skin peeling and rejuvenation effects to give smoother fresher looking skin. They are also used as skin lighteners. This powerful combination of ingredients means that VIDI Vitamin C Serum delivers a more complete anti aging solution”.
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