Study: Weight Loss Surgery Keeps Diabetes At Bay Long Term, Reverses Complications

Egypt has 8th highest rate of diabetes

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic looked at a group of people with diabetes who underwent weight loss, or bariatric, surgery to treat their obesity. After tracking patients for up to nine years after getting the procedure, the researchers found obesity-related health conditions like diabetes vanished for several of them. Specifically, 80 percent of patients who had the surgeries met target blood sugar levels of 7 percent HbA1c, a level recommended by the American Diabetes Association . Nearly 30 percent of those who underwent a gastric bypass procedure experienced complete remission of diabetes that allowed them to stay off medication for at least five years, effectively curing them.
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Abbas Oraby, a professor of endocrinology and diabetes at the University of Zagazig, said in his speech to the Conference held on Thursday, that the incidence of diabetes in Egypt rose to 16.5 million people, half of which do not know they suffer from this disease, while the other half receives treatment. Oraby said the disease has risen 83 percentover the past 15 years, which is a very large increase compared to international rates. The number of people suffering diabetes around the world is 360 million and is expected to increase to 500 million by 2030. Middle East and the Arab world are the countries suffering from diabetes the most, specifically Egypt and the Gulf countries.
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Diabetes family inspires school fundraiser (From Bournemouth Echo)

Theyre trying to get a new name for it, she said. Its the body attacking the pancreas, whereas type two is usually due to lifestyle. People with type one diabetes normally inject themselves with insulin several times a day. Debbies sons have moved on to pumps which constantly regulate their insulin, but she has to get up at 2am daily to make sure the canulas are in place. Although the technology is amazing, it puts a lot of pressure on the parents, she said.
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