Tory Johnson Makes ‘The Shift’: Her Amazing Weight-Loss Story

Tory Johnson before and after her weight loss.

22, 2013 Tory Johnson before and after her weight loss. ABC News If you’re like many longtime ” Good Morning America ” viewers, you’ve noticed a new Tory Johnson. The ” Deals and Steals ” contributor has transformed herself, losing more than 60 pounds in a year. How did she do it?
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LA Weight Loss Offers New Tips for Weight Loss

The LA Menu Plan can help students learn the portion-perfect way to eat healthy, delicious foods to feel full and satisfied. Itas all in the handy program guide filled with information, tips and even a dining-out guide that highlights healthy meals in popular restaurants. The pitfalls of dining halls: The basic structure of college-campus dining halls also makes weight management a challenge. Dining halls often offer either an all-you-can-eat buffet structure a including tables of high-calorie dessert options a or a food court-style set-up with fast food options. Either scenario makes it tempting to choose oversize portions of fried food, junk food, carbohydrate-heavy or sugar-laden servings. Following the LA menu plan will help students choose balanced meals with the right combination of fats, proteins, dairy, starches and plenty of fruits and vegetables to kick that metabolism into overdrive.
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Weight loss news: Standard American diet damages your brain

Tracey Mallett

He cited several new studies that provide the answer as to why some people just can’t lose weight, all of which point to damage to our brain signals that regulate metabolism and appetite. Author of ” The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry-The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success” (click for details ), Dr. Aronne explained that based on this new research, you actually change your brain, damaging the paths in the section of the brain that controls your metabolism, when you follow the typical American diet of too much fat, too much sugar and an overload of simple carbohydrates. The evidence is quite convincing eating fattening foods causes inflammatory cells to go into the hypothalamus, explained Dr. Aronne. This overloads the neurons and causes neurological damage. In the new research to which he refers, a team of scientists at the University of Liverpool examined different weight loss diets . The conclusion: A diet high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates results in metabolic dysfunction that focuses on the hormones that regulate your appetite.
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